Our Pastor

Pastor Bill Danskin

Pastor Bill started his spiritual walk with the Lord at Buchanan Baptist Church in 1984 as Music Director. Later he felt the calling of God to be a Pastor. He was Ordained in the year 2000 and continued as Music Director until 2008 at which time he was called to Pastor at Sunlake Baptist Church where he continues to serve today.

Pastor Bill is a compassionate, loving man that loves everyone in his congregation. His church member think of him as a friend and mentor and feel very comfortable calling on him when they have a need. Pastor Bill shows God's love to everyone he meets and people immediately feel at ease around him.

Pastor Bill and his wife Ann have been married for 55 years and they have 3 children, 8 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. 

Pastor Bill loves the Lord with all his heart an never tires of doing God's work. He says he "considers it an honor and privilege to be teaching and preaching the word of God".

Pastor Bill is always accessible to the people in his congregation and is always there for them when there is a need.

Pastor Bill and Ann love Sunlake Baptist Church and the journey with the Lord as they continue to do God's Work!